Saturday 24 August 2019

Time to add more bus spaces on West Street?

The question has to be asked. Is it better to get rid of the 10 or so car parking spaces from the Ulster Bank to opposite the Tholsel, apart from the disabled parkimg bays, and make that area 'buses only' - certainly from May to October at least.

Why I raise the issue is that one afternoon recently I spotted three buses pull up on West Street. They were from a private firm and the sign read 'Shelbourne Hotels Tours'.

Now, the first bus got in at St Peter's, but that was it. The two other buses let the passengers off and headed off to try and find parking somewhere.

The passengers went off wallkimg around the town, so the potential was there for them to shop.

The only way buses will stop in town is if they have guaranteed places to stop amd that's not there.

I know Senator Ged Nash has raised his concerns after getting a lot of complaints from private coach firms.

Hopefully, the Business Districts plan will be accepted by the local ratepayers and a Town Manager can sort out this ongoing issue.

Drogheda Independent