Thursday 20 June 2019

Time for council to erect that Ship Street sign for good

The Diary - Hubert Murphy

Now is the time for Louth County Council to make their mark on Ship Street.

It would be great to see the street sign permanently erected. I spotted it recently and what a work of art it is. Hopefully the council can play their part with the residents to get it a fine location.

Of course, there are other issues, the road and paths needed to be further repaired and the faulty non return valve at the end of the street needs to be looked at to help with the issue of tidal flooding.

The whole issue with Ship Street is unusual. The houses are privately owned, yet the road is public - and there's pay parking on it. But there's no official markings on it.

I believe during the Fleadh, visitors were directed to Ship Street for parking and it became a campsite of sorts, although it was the locals who had to clean up the rubbish afterwards.

The street has gained great momentum in recent years - Mayor Godfrey and the residents paramount in that - and I hope to meet up with them again about the progress made with the council shortly.

Ship Street can be a great 'good news story' for Drogheda and really show off what a council body can do to help a community.

Drogheda Independent