Saturday 7 December 2019

Thatch roof is repaired again after arson attack

Mayor Paul Bell has described the commitment of Seamus Domegan proprietor of the Thatch Pub on Donore Road as an act of unselfish commitment to the town's heritage and local community having for the second time in less than twelve months restored the thatch roof of the old disused cottage which was once a public house.

It comes after two separate arson attacks which substantially damaged the roof structure.

"I have to say I was moved to once again to witness the skilled and dedicated thatcher plying his craft on the damaged segment of the roof.

'I was also interested to see the number of citizens from all generations stopping to admire the thatching craft and the resulting work.

'I obviously hope and pray that no further mindless damage will be targeted against this beautiful roof. I really feel that Seamus and his colleagues deserve all our gratitude for demonstrating great courage and determination not to succumb to criminal acts perpetrated by a mindless few",' said the mayor.

Mayor Bell concluded stating "I intend to restore Harty's Cottage with the help of Peter Childs, our local Master Thatcher in 2020. I am working on costings for this work which will include restoration of the thatch roof and white washing of the walls".

Drogheda Independent