Saturday 19 January 2019

Termonfeckin bridge strike highlights safety measures

Louth County Council needs to discuss improved safety measures at Termonfeckin Bridge after another 'strike' last weekend.

"The Bridge on the Main Street in Termonfeckin, at the Baltray Road junction, is still living up to its reputation of being one of the most dangerous bridges in the Drogheda area,' Cllr Oliver Tully stated this week. 'This can be evidenced by the gaping hole in the wall caused by the last bridge strike. Extensive damage was caused to the stone parapet wall of the bridge after a car was reported to have crashed into it in the middle of last Friday night.

'Louth County Council will carry out an inspection of the bridge and assess the damage caused by the crash".

He has been assured that these essential repairs will not take as long to carry out as it did after the last time this bridge was damaged, and that repairs will be carried out shortly.

Councillor Tully and the local residents have been campaigning for traffic calming and road safety measures to be put in place by Louth County Council at this dangerous bridge / junction and at other locations in the Termonfeckin area. Funding has been allocated recently for road safety works to be carried out at the Main St / Big St junction and outside the National School.

Councillor Tully, while welcoming the progress made to date by Louth County Council, has stated that there must be proper and meaningful consultation with the local people and in particular those people directly affected by the implementation .

Drogheda Independent