Wednesday 13 December 2017

Taxi drivers ordered to display door signs



LOCAL TAXI drivers are none too pleased at the new door signs they must display as part of new regulations from the Department of Transport.

It is now compulsory that the large stickers are permanently displayed on the doors of the taxi upon renewal of the licence, and not doing so will result in refusal.

However, some are afraid they could pose a security risk.

'You used to be able to remove the taxi sign when you were using your car as your own private vehicle,' points out chairman of the local taxi federation Kevin Faulkner.

'But now you can spot the taxi a mile off, even when the driver isn't working, and with a number of attacks recently, no one wants to make themselves an obvious target.'

The new rule was introduced against the wishes of all representatives of taxi unions, and is seen by some as another State money spinner. 'We are all self-employed and it's not like the bigger companies in America or the UK, who have their yellow cabs and black taxi,' he adds.

'We all told them at the time not to bring this in, and they went ahead and did it against our wishes, and now we have the expense of the stickers, and the inconvenience they bring.'

The initiative was announced late last year in a bid to crack down on bogus taxi drivers, and to make taxis more uniform and identifiable to customers.

'It was clear to see from the roof signs what was a taxi, so this is just more money and jobs for the boys,' says Kevin.

'A few years ago, they made everyone display the prices and when that caused problems, it was scrapped. I'm sure this will go the same way.'

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