Friday 15 December 2017

Street needs proper pedestrian crossing

Hubert Murphy

Dunleer needs a proper pedestrian crossing before someone is killed on the main street.

Renewed calls have been made this week after another perilous incident in the centre of the busy town.

A local woman contacted the Mid-Louth Independent to again appeal for something to be done.

She revealed her mother was crossing the road close to Shearman's public house last week when a car had to break heavily to avoid hitting her.

'It was so close,' she stated. 'The car was coming down the hill and with other vehicles parked there, didn't see my mother until the last second. It could have been a tragedy.'

She said she simply wanted to highlight the problems older people have in crossing the street in Dunleer.

'It is a worry as the cars tend to travel very quickly. There is no safe place to cross in Dunleer, none.

'I think it's an ongoing miracle that there are not a lot more people injured on the streets of the town.

'The population has increased greatly in recent times and with the opening of the Market House, I think there will be even more need for a crossing in the centre.'

She admitted she didn't know where it could be placed but that should be an issue for the council.

There have been calls at various times for something to be done in relation to a safe crossing area.

Drogheda Independent

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