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'Stink' not from treatment plant say council

A serious public health concern, is how a councillor has described a smell which he says is coming from the waste water treatment plant in Drogheda.

'Barely a day goes by without a pungent smell from the plant,' said Cllr James Byrne.

'I believe something is broken and needs to be fixed.

'Something is seriously wrong. This is a serious public health concern and we need to get to the bottom of it.'

Cllr Byrne called for a root and branch review of the services at the plant.

'This has to stop and has to be investigated and fixed once and for all.'

Cllr Michelle Hall added a smell has extended to rural areas as well, including Termonfeckin.

'It is really, really bad on a windy day.' Head of finance, Bernie Woods added she would raise the issue regarding a smell in Termonfeckin.

She also said that Louth county council has 'no day-to-day activity' in the plant, but does raise issues with Irish Water.

'The smell is not coming from the plant but we are interested in finding out.'

She referenced 'people spreading muck'.

Residents have complained of the smell on the southside of Drogheda for a number of years, with many feeling it has gotten a lot worse this summer.

A 'Stop The Smell Drogheda Waste Water Treatment Plant' group has been set up, aiming to highlight the issues. They have logged numerous complaints with the EPA in relation to the odours. 'This is a yearly occurrence for many (too many) years. People are so tired of this abuse of our breathing air. From its stench there could be nothing good in it and toxin levels must be high and damaging to health,' the group recently claimed.

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