Saturday 25 November 2017

Steps of Drogheda walk

KEEN walker Pat Coffey has developed 'the steps of Drogheda' walk and I covered the first part of a 10km walk last week.

Do you want to get fit? Try this route, starting at the pedestrian entrace to the railway station on the Dublin Road.

Walk 100m along the Dublin Road towards Drogheda as far as the traffic lights. The short series of steps on your left at the lights will bring you up to St. Mary's Villas.

Walking through St. Mary's Villas, go right at the T-junction at the top of this road. Go straight ahead at the next junction (passing Sunnyside House) and go right at the Y-junction immediately after it towards Sunnyside Cottages. At the end of this road you go left for 10m along St. Mary's Cottages to access the Mount Steps: known locally as 'The 101 Steps', they lead down to The Dale. At the bottom, go left on to a track for 50m.

Climb the steps (St. Patrick's Well Steps) and go left at the top of them and this path leads into St. Patrick's Cottages and Clinton's Lane. St. Mary's Diocesan Secondary school is on this lane.

From Clinton's lane go right onto the Beamore road and go straight ahead onto Duleek Street at the traffic lights. From Duleek Street, go right onto Mary's Street at Mullen's chipper. Just below St Mary's Church of Ireland church, take the steps on your right for The Dale

Then head down into the Dale on the steps on your left you climbed when going to Clinton's Lane from The Dale. Go left at the bottom of these steps.

Just after the last house in the Dale (on the left), take the steps beside it and they will bring you back up to Mary's Street where you go right and walk down the footpath to the Dublin road.

It's about 1.8km and you hit 710 steps.

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