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St Christopher's chapel

A SMALL group of visitors from the United States paid a visit to Stamullen last week to view the 15th century ruins of St. Christopher's chapel and the rare and beautiful medieval monuments of the Cadaver Tombstone and also the Double Effigial Tombstone of the second Viscount Gormanston, William Preston and his second wife, Ellenor Dowdall, both of which cover the entrance to the Preston family burial vault.

The tourists from America were also intrigued at some of the smaller monuments within the Preston chapel and the cemetery including the medieval, crudely carved heads on the exterior of the south wall of the chapel, the beautifully, stone-carved and arched doorway leading to the chapel which also terminates in two stone carved heads, the burial tomb of the Caddell family, the grave of lady Elizabeth Butler and the ruins of St. Patrick's medieval parish church.

The history and monuments of Stamullen parish cemetery are unique and attract tourists, visitors, historians, students, archaeologists, etc, from all over the world; a real hidden gem in the centre of the village and the residents of Stamullen, village and extended parish should be proud to be part of such a rare heritage.

The gate to St. Christopher's chapel, unfortunately, has to be kept under lock and key in order to protect the monuments from vandalism, gathering of youths, etc, and it may be obtained, by appointment, at Silverstream Cottage, Stedalt Stamullen, telephone 018413033, mobile 0862618788 or appointments may be booked through e-mail at brennersm@eircom.net