Thursday 23 May 2019

Sponsors sought for Purge games

Alison Comyn

Do you want to get involved in what's being called "the fitness competition Ireland has been waiting for"?

Sponsors are being sought for "The Purge Games" next year, the brainchild of the owner of Drogheda business SkyHigh Productions, who says "will see the birth and growth of something truly remarkable and empowering beyond anything ever before".

"This has been ten years in the making and promises to be the most exciting and dynamic fitness games to ever hit Ireland's shores," says Seán Ó Cearrúlláin, producer.

"Few formats have ever managed to combine fitness with entertainment, many have tried, and while some have been good, they have still lacked a magical spark to make them "amazing", and this concept will not only ignite that spark, but one with an eternal flame that blazes in the hearts of men and women for decades to come."

"The Purge Games" are a brand-new competition doubling up as a game show comprised of five Knockout Rounds and based on an amalgamation of physical challenges and mental strength open to the average athlete.

Starting on May 18th 2020 and running through to July 6th 2020 when the final will be live-streamed online all over the world to budding sports fans eager to see who will be crowned male and female champion of the 2019 inaugural games.

"The competition is gaining strong momentum online and athletes are signing up daily, with many gyms sponsoring their top candidates to take home the prestigious gym trophy and €1,000 cash prize," explains Sean.

"With over 1,000 competitors and spectators onsite in 2019, and a global audience online, each stage will feature its own unique film set and arena, a custom designed Greenroom for the athletes and a fans booth, brand activation quarters, a selfies stage, an athletes back stories series and a prize ceremony all filmed and broadcast online to viewers all over the world."

SkyHigh Productions is now seeking a variety of sponsors for the program, including a title sponsor. Align your brand with a five-year program that will see the birth and growth of something truly remarkable and empowering beyond anything ever before, something Sean takes very seriously!

"The mantra of "The Purge Games" is all about inspiration and the indomitable human spirit: the will to focus, persevere and achieve no matter the odds," he explains with passion.

"They are not only about the physical competition of fitness, they focus on mental and physical wellbeing overall with edgy content, simplified guidance and creating a movement! It's a journey that will captivate both the participant and the viewer."

For any queries on sponsoring, taking part, or volunteering, please contact 041 213 06 79 or email

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