Sunday 26 May 2019

'Spiderman' stunt lands man in court

A man who was "out of his head on prescription drugs and alcohol" climbed on the roof of two buildings in what a judge described as a dangerous 'Spiderman impression' has avoided a prison sentence after he was deemed suitable for community service work.

Richard Barrow (42) climbed onto the roof top of two buildings on North Quay at around 9pm - despite the door of the building being open, Drogheda District Court heard.

He was directed by gardai to come down from the rooftop and he "came down the drain pipe," Sergeant Ray Brady told Judge Alan Mitchell.

Sgt Brady said the defendant "could not qualify a reason to have been on the rooftop."

The defendant, of Palace Street, Drogheda pleaded guilty to two counts of trespass on two buildings at North Street on April 23.

He has 45 previous convictions.

The court heard gardai received a call of a male on the rooftop of a building on North Street at around 9.10pm. The defendant was observed on the rooftop of 10 North Quay and then moved to 14 North Quay before being directed to come down by gardai.

He climbed down via a drain pipe, the court heard.

Defence solicitor Patrick Goodwin said the 42 year old has a severe alcohol problem.

"He had been with the Red Door until March last year and on this night he was out of his head on prescription drugs and alcohol," said Mr Goodwin.

"He stupidly went up on the roof - when the door of the building was open," Mr Goodwin explained.

"He did come down when he was asked to."

Judge Mitchell said he "was not impressed" the defendant put his life in danger "with his Spiderman impression" late at night.

"Maybe some work within the community might bring him to his senses," remarked Judge Mitchell. "If you fell off you would have been seriously injured or killed."

Probation Services assessed the defendant and found him suitable for community service work.

Judge Mitchell imposed an order of 140 hours community service work in lieu of four months in prison.

"If you fell off you would have been seriously injured or killed," Judge Mitchell told the defendant.

Drogheda Independent