Wednesday 16 October 2019

Soldiers to be recalled on November 3

The annual Cenotaph Remembrance Service and wreath-laying in honour of those who died during the First World War takes place at Mary Street, Drogheda this Saturday 3 November at 11am, presided over by Mayor Frank Godfrey, who is urging the public to attend this year to mark the 100th anniversary.

'We are honouring our fallen heroes, many of whom were young men from Louth and Meath,' said Mayor Godfrey.

'I believe that up to 400 soldiers from the greater Drogheda area died in Europe during the First World War which ran from 1914-1918.'

'These were brave young men, soldiers, who left Drogheda to go and fight for rights and freedom and 100 years later, we must recognise the impact they have had on life as we know it. By laying a wreath at the cenotaph annually, we honour their sacrifice - the ultimate sacrifice of their lives - and show solidarity with and support for their families, many of whom attend this ceremony,' said Mayor Godfrey. 'Let's show these local heroes the respect that they deserve, and have a good attendance at this year's wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph.'

The event will begin at 11am on Saturday 3 November and will comprise of song, poetry, music, prayers from both Catholic and Church of Ireland clergy, as well as some historical information.

Mayor Godfrey recalled inviting Sir Patrick Mayhew to lay a wreath at the Drogheda Cenotaph in 1995, accompanied by the then British ambassador, David Bladderwick. This was the first major commemoration at the Cenotaph in recent times and was organised by the then mayor, Frank Godfrey, who is heartened to see that it has continued since then.

Drogheda Independent