Saturday 21 April 2018

Singer Calum (10) is an internet hit

DULEEK singer/songwriter Calum Agnew (10) has become an internet sensation in over 100 countries!

He uploaded his cover version of Ordinary Love by U2 to SoundCloud along with other songs which he had written himself.

When the Facebook page U2fanlife reposted the link to his SoundCloud recording, it trended for a day.

This resulted in over 2,000 clicks with people in over 100 countries worldwide, spread between the five continents.

Calum is recognised as one of the top young performers in the region and finished second in the Primary School Stars at the TLT last year with his own, stunning song 'Tell Me Why'.

Voice judge Bressie said he loved his voice and he'd be one to watch in the future.

Drogheda Independent