Wednesday 20 March 2019

'Shut guns and drugs route'

Masked men have used route through two northside estates following terrifying attacks

A controversial hole in a ditch between two northside estates is being used as a direct route for gunmen and drug dealers to avoid the Gardai.

The location, between Moneymore and Castlemanor, was the scene of intense drama recently as locals reported seeing hooded men in the area.

It has also become a 'drop-off point' for drug dealing.

But local councillor Tommy Byrne has declared he'll see the gap closed after inspecting the scene.

'This will be closed,' he exclaimed.

He said he got the same issues sorted out between Moneymore and Brookville some years ago and problems in the area stopped.

'The big fear here is that a child will encounter these people at this gap,' he stated.

'This is about the safety of local people in both estates and it must be closed as soon as possible.'

The route has also been used to mount robberies on local delivery people.

Residents have made contact with the gardai in the past about the matter but without success. They say Louth County Council has also failed to act in relation to the dangers surrounding the gap. 'This is a huge public safety issue and the council are aware of the problems. The past weeks has seen the situation got a lot worse and action is needed immediately,' a resident said.

Drogheda Independent