Tuesday 15 October 2019

'Save the Name' challenge goes to the Dail steps

Drogheda's "Save the Name" campaign, set up to oppose the HSE's plans to re-name Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, took their protest to Dáil Eireann last week, joined by Mayor of Drogheda Frank Godfrey and Fianna Fáil Drogheda representative Anthony Moore.

This followed last month's demonstration against the proposed name change which was attended by over 1,000 people in Drogheda.

Chairman of the "Save the Name" Committee, Bob McGuffin, said "We came here today to show our politicians in Leinster House the determination of the people of Drogheda to resist this proposed change, which seeks to obliterate our history and heritage and which will waste taxpayers' money at a time when the HSE is refusing to fund a much-needed X-ray room in the hospital's emergency department. The faceless bureaucrats of the HSE may think this issue will go away. We are here today to show we are going nowhere and we are calling on them to scrap this plan immediately".

A letter was handed in and a letter was also given into the offices of the RCSI.

Drogheda Independent