Wednesday 23 January 2019

Rural Ardee community take bypass changes plea to the government

Minister Shane Ross and other local representatives are to meet a group of local people intent on keeping the connection between Ardee and the rural community around Mullanstown and Coole.

The new bypass of the town will potentially cut off present routes, forcing many locals onto the new road, instead of a direct link into town.

That will impact on cyclists, walkers, workers, football club members, bus users and service providers and other sections of the community.

Addressing last week's Ardee area council meeting, Fergal Finn and Anne Lennon were anxious to point out that the community were keen to see the bypass commence - but with additions that would keep connectivity with the immediate district.

The Mullanstown Road, Townspark Road and Silverhill Road will face the likes of cul-de-sacs, thus cutting off communities, the campaigners state.

But determined to make a case, they have even come up with solutions to the problems.

They include building an overpass or underpass, a roundabout, staggered junctions or traffic lights.

Those behind the project are keen to see it advanced, without the prospect of exploring new CPOs of land, thus relegating the project down the road.

The rural community want to see their ideas considered, without new CPOs being initiated.

They have carried out traffic surveys and found nearly 2,000 vehicles using the roads in the district over the cpurse of seven days and that was not including school traffic.

Drogheda Independent