Friday 18 January 2019

Royal wedding to take place in Termonfeckin!

Hubert Murphy

Forget about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal wedding on Saturday - the REAL wedding of the year is taking place at Sunhill Nursing Home in Termonfeckin!

The clients of the centre were so looking forward to seeing the big royal event, one of the activities coordinators, Rachel Evans, decided if they couldn't attend the big gig in London - they'd bring the splendour to Termonfeckin.

The mock wedding will kick off at 11.45am - with a staff member, who got married last year, playing the part of the bride and a client, now in his 80s and unmarried, the lucky man.

There will be suits, hats, cake, photographer, champagne and dinner!

'We'll even have a couple of dogs there - hopefully corgis, but we'll have to see can we get them,' Rachel stated.

She says the inspiration for the event came after she heard the residents chatting about the royal wedding.

'We have everything arranged, even flowers and music for later on.

'Everyone is really looking forward to the day and it promises to be very special.'

Drogheda Independent