Wednesday 22 May 2019

Restoration of historic lighthouse at Mornington

At the lighthouse restoration
At the lighthouse restoration

The iconic Drogheda North Lighthouse at Mornington is about to get a complete facelift thanks to plans for a new conservation project to preserve and restore this impressive structure.

The conservation project at the lighthouse will take between five and ten years to complete and has been undertaken by Drogheda Port Company with the support of the DHAG Built Heritage Investment Scheme. The project undertaken by the company will be led by a specialist conservation architect, Fergal McGil Architects and KC Environmental to conserve the structure and its many original features and materials.

The current lighthouse dates back to approximately 1880 and comprises a cast-iron lantern with glazed panel, surrounded by a walkway which is approached by ladder, set on cast-iron supports. It is set within brick boundary walls which also contain the original Lighthouse keeper's house.

The North Lighthouse is one of three related lighthouses that were constructed and commissioned in 1842 by the Drogheda Harbour Commissioners. The light initially had a fixed light pattern but electric power meant conversion to flashing signal around 1950.

The expense of maintenance and the use of modern electronic navigational systems have made many working lighthouses like this one redundant.

However, Drogheda Port Company are keen to restore and maintain the North Lighthouse as it makes a significant contribution to the surrounding maritime landscape and forms part of an interesting group of related lighthouses in the area.

Work on the conservation is now underway and Drogheda Port Company are hopeful it will contribute to the tourist potential of the area and will form part of the Boyneside Trail.

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