Monday 25 March 2019

Residents living in parking nightmare


Hubert Murphy

Residents of a northside estate say they are trapped in their own homes because a parking crisis has resulted in a huge volume of vehicles being ‘abandoned’ for the day outside their homes.

Scarlet Crescent is now at breaking point and locals say something has to be done.

‘Over Christmas and new year we had some respite, but when the schools are back next Monday it will start again’, one resident told the Drogheda Independent.

She said cars arrive in the early morning and are parked until late afternoon, many belonging to workers.

The issue has become so serious, a number of cones can be seen dotted around the estate in an effort to save spaces.

There are fears that emergency services will not be able to get to homes due to the congestion. The parking explosion has become increasingly bad since the free car park across the road at the old fire station was closed for a housing project. That saw up to 80 spaces lost and none replaced.

‘Before that, there were no problems here’, the anxious resident added.

There have been suggestions that pay parking could be introduced, but residents say they have appealed to both TDs and the gardai for help without success. Residents only parking is also a possibility .

Mayor Frank Godfrey has met residents and knows there are issues. ‘How this is sorted out is the problem’, he stated. He is to bring the residents’ concerns to the next council meeting.

Drogheda Independent