Saturday 24 February 2018

Residents' fury over potholes

One of Tenure's oldest estates has been 'forgotten' by Louth County Council but they are about to get a wake up call from angry residents.

Tenure Cottages were built in 1947, a council development of five dwellings, and for many years the roadway was maintained.

But about 15 years ago it dropped off the map.

Now, there are huge potholes making life a misery for residents in the eight homes on the stretch. It has already cost them thousands of euro in car repairs and is at such a level of disrepair, it is almost impossible to walk or cycle on it.

The Tenure Cottages Community Group was set up last week, determined to get something done with a road 'we have already paid for', they claim.

Chairman Paddy McQuillan has lived on the road for many years and can't remember it as bad. 'If they just went off and did a proper job on it we wouldn't see them for another 15 years,' he stated. 'They've filled in bits and pieces in the past but it hasn't stuck.'

'They've just forgotten about us,' added Gerry Floyd. He has been left with crippling bills for repairs to his car because of the damage caused by the deep craters. 'It's a scandal. The road is a hazard and the council are responsible for it. If you avoid one pothole, you hit another.'

Sandra Byrne is one of the newer residents and paid €11,000 in fees for her house. Yet the council's road to it wasn't touched. Last week her son (4) fell after tripping in one of the holes.

Ciara Reynolds said her car was in the garage for a new suspension. 'The children can't go out and play.'

Living at the end of the road, it's a nightmare journey for Deirdre Duggan everytime she goes out. 'We do fear the winter. There's no gritting around here and the roads are bad.'

Again severe car problems has left Mary McQuillan out of pocket and when her grandkids call, they have to be kept off the road.

'I was a tax payer for 50 years and I live on a road like that?,' Lila Mulholland asked.

Discussions took place in the past on an 80/20 scheme to fix the lane but it couldn't be done.

Local councillor Frank Godfrey visited the road and admits there is a real problem.

'This is an urgent case and I have contacted the council in relation to it. The issue here is public safety on a council road. It can't be ignored.'

It is now likely a deputation will visit the council offices to highlight the case.

Drogheda Independent

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