Wednesday 22 November 2017

Residents feel 'abandoned' in joyriding craze

Hubert Murphy

Residents in local housing estates have expressed frustration over what they see is the failure of Louth County Council and the Gardai to stop a spate of "joyriding" activity which has been ongoing for four months.

Councillor Paul Bell raised the matter at the Drogheda Local Policing Forum meeting this week, stating that the people of Rathmullan Park and St Finian's Park needed their assistance.

"As a public representative supporting the community, I share the frustration of all residents as they feel helpless and abandoned by the authorities whom they trust to support them in their fight against lawless and antisocial behaviour. 

'Young people, not resident but frequenting and gathering in the estate, are driving at high speed at all hours of the day and night unchallenged. I have personally requested Council to act and Gardai to act in collaboration to end this period of lawlessness. So far nothing of any significance has been done and residents continue to be subjected to appalling behaviour in the heart of their own community,' he said.

He added that "it is only a matter of time before an innocent citizen or child is killed in the estate.' He says he does not want to be alarmist, but things are getting worse and more frequent. 

'High speed driving in St Finian's Park, coupled with erratic driving behaviour at all hours of the night is also a feature of unchallenged behaviour. The community has come together and have made both agencies aware of the issues and anxiety being experienced on a daily basis".

He says bollards and ramps are needed urgently. 'This action must also be taken to safeguard property which has already been damaged and most importantly to prevent injury and the loss of life. I am also requesting An Garda Siochana to work with Council and the community using all available powers to deal with those involved with such reckless behaviour. I am also requesting the parents of the young people involved to act before a serious incident occurs. This community must be supported so as to ensure that their community does not in their words remain to be abandoned.'

Gardai recently made an appeal for assistance from the community to stamp out the incidents.

Drogheda Independent

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