Saturday 16 December 2017

Report 'in denial' about Drogheda's suburbs

The Drogheda City Status Group continues to digest the recently published Boundary Report, but already regard it as removed from the reality of 21st Century Drogheda, and that it actually is a throwback to the 14th century when the river created a divide between two towns.

"The report is in denial that there are 80,000 people already living in the Greater Drogheda Area and the population continues to grow. It is also in denial regarding the Laytown/Bettystown/Mornington agglomeration which is a natural suburb of Drogheda.

'There are 29 Bus Eireann departures from Laytown thro the coastal area to Drogheda on weekdays - one of the many obvious strong links between the town and its natural suburbs on the coast," said Vincent Hoey, Chairman of the Drogheda City Status Group, adding "The Boundary Report proposes two Drogheda's - one for each Local Authority. Two towns rather than one city ! Drogheda will become a city, even "by default." No Boundary Review is going to stop that. What they propose lacks reality, lacks vision - and is a throwback to hundreds of years ago. What they propose will inhibit growth and development ...for both Droghedas !"

The report proposes that the Louth and Meath Local Authorities should work together to manage these two towns. Again, Vincent Hoey comments "What nonsense! Imagine the Irish Rugby team being managed by TWO managers and TWO management teams. The expression that "a camel is a horse designed by committee" comes to mind ..... and in their submission, one of the parties, Louth Co.Council expressed frustration with decisions taken by Meath Co. Council re Drogheda in the past, such as creating Retail Parks in their "sector" which drain business from the town itself."

While considering options in relation to the Boundary Report, the City Status Group is also focussing on what it describes as a more substantial process - Ireland 2040 -the recently launched National Planning Framework which has got underway, seeking ways to disperse economic development away from Dublin. So far, the Government has mentioned Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford as centres which may receive additional economic impetus, but there has been no mention of Drogheda - and no mention of the North East.

Drogheda Independent

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