Monday 15 October 2018

Rats appear on streets of Ardee

A plague of rats has descended on the streets of Ardee following the commencement of road works on the main thoroughfare.

They have been spotted coming up through manholes, to such an extent that the matter was raised at last week's local area council meeting.

Cllr Jim Tenanty said he had been approached by locals who say the problem is a major one.

He said the rats have been seen 'running along the town' with fears that the pipe works have disturbed their habitats.

But council officials say that it is hard to say what is causing the issue.

'With the fields being ploughed, they are being driven out into the urban areas to find a food source', they state. 'We don't know if its the road works causing the problem.'

Cllr Tenanty said the belief is that the vermin are 'coming up the manholes.'

The council will be advising the contractor about the matter.

Drogheda Independent