Friday 19 January 2018

Public anger over broken promises



A PROTEST, attended by over 100 people, has taken place outside the constituency office of local Labour TD Gerald Nash over Budget cuts.

Most felt the local Deputy had broken promises to the people who voted him into the Government, and for others, it was a public display of discontent with his ministerial colleagues.

' The feeling is that he lied to us when he said he would not support things like cuts to the child benefits, to carers allowance and to bringing in a property tax,' said one of the organisers Anthony Connor.

'In my eyes he broke a contract, and personally he is a nice man, but I voted for him and he made specific promises then, and lied to me about them.'

Speakers on the evening, which took place in the Palace Street offices of the Labour Deputy after office hours, included Ciaran McKenna from the Drogheda Campaign against Household and Water Taxes and Cllrs Ken O'Heiligh, Matthew Coogan, Frank Gallager and Frank Godfrey.

'A lot of people are very angry and frustrated because the local deputies have been very silent on issues that are affecting people's lives in Drogheda and Louth, and they need to take a stand against cuts in Respite and Care, children and education, and electricity raises,' he told the Drogheda Independent.

'People have less in their pockets, and it is the working poor and the middle income earners who are being hit once more, and everyone thought the Labour Party in particular would make a better stand for workers.'

Mr Connor added that the reason Minister Fergus O'Dowd wasn't also picketed is because 'you knew what you were getting when you voted for him'.

'It's no big shock what way he is voting, but with Ged I thought it would be different,' he comments.

' The easy targets are being hit again, and we will keep protesting to show how wrong he got it.'

Cllr Frank Godrey says he will be organising a public Anti- Austerity meeting in the Barbican in January, with further details to follow.

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