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Promoting Drogheda in USA

THE MAYOR of Drogheda, Kevin Callan and Chamber President, Padraic Kierans are again heading to America to promote Drogheda and try to encourage investment into the town.

The pair will attend a two day technology summit in Santa Clara on March 12th and 13th.

Last year a key connection was made between the Boyne Valley and Silicon Valley when a delegation from Drogheda, led by the Mayor and Mr Kierans, secured a €50,000 investment in the new Drogheda Enterprise Centre which will begin construction in the coming months and secured Drogheda the title of Silicon Valley Gateway with the Irish Technology Leadership Group in San Jose, California, the centre of Silicon Valley.

This initiative was begun with the assistance of Senator Fergal Quinn and the Local Heroes initiative and now the town will once again play a role in creating links with key Irish Americans who play critical roles in Silicon Valley and who will be targeted in respect of inward investment to Drogheda.

Speaking about their return trip to the USA in March, Mayor Callan said: ' This is an opportunity for Drogheda to not only promote the town but to liaise with key figures who are involved in the Irish American connection. Cities such as Dublin will be represented and after we have done so much to create real relationships with Silicon Valley, we must maintain the momentum and build on the work done last year. Not only are we now a Silicon Valley Gateway, we have a sister city, Salinas located beside San Jose, Dublin is twinned with San Jose and Cork with San Francisco.'

The 5th annual ITLG summit is a two day gathering of top executives, venture capital investors operating in Ireland and Silicon Valley.

'I will be working closely with the Chamber President and the Business Development Unit of Louth County Council ahead of the summit to ensure maximum results and we are trying to secure other meetings during the visit as we did with the San Jose Chamber and the Mayor of Salinas on our last trade mission,' he added.

In recent weeks, Drogheda has also received visits from the Mayor of its sister city, Salinas and ITLG member Dennis Donohue and Cian Hughes of the ITLG.

Chamber President Padraic Kierans is optimistic about the new relationships and commented: 'We have created unique links with our business associates in ITLG and of course the diaspora in Silicon Valley. The ITLG Summit will feature the 5th Annual ITLG/IRISH Times Innovation Awards which have been expanded this year to cover five categories, with a shortlist of 20 companies travelling to the Summit. The 20 companies were selected by the ITLG following an extensive review of approximately 100 companies at a series of pitch sessions at DCU and University of Ulster Belfast last October and November.'