Wednesday 17 July 2019

Progress needed on Duleek street

Hubert Murphy

While one side of Duleek is doing very nicely, with new paths, road markings and a pedestrian crossing, the same can't be said for the lower part of the village.

'What is the plan for lower main street,' Cllr Sharon Keogan asked council officials at a recent area meeting.

She has long argued for works to take place - along with bus shelters.

'There is no plan,' engineer Christy Clarke stated. 'It's on a wish list for schemes that will be prioritised.'

The councillor said that a pedestrian crossing was needed around the post office area.

'It is very dangerous and needs the same job as the other part of the town,' she stated.

Cllr Stephen McKee agreed and added that the bottom of Station Road was a danger too.

The fact that the playground is in the vicinity adds to the dangers.

'I think we also have to look at the junction at the graveyard. Safety measures are needed there and maybe a roundabout would be best.'

Drogheda Independent