Wednesday 19 June 2019

Present centre is closing next year

The present Tredagh Lodge centre will be closed inside a year, Ann Shortt from the group stated.

She revealed it is a building owned by the Order of Malta and they are closing it, so it means time is of the essence in getting a purpose built home.

She said her own involvement with the group began 18 years ago when her father had Alzheimer's.

'Like a lot of families in town, we didn't know much about it. But we went to the centre at Laurence's Gate and got information.'

Anne Dunne and her family had set it up, operating a service from a small room in the Sisters of Charity on Fair St. 'She gave great advice,' Ann stated.

The group outgrew their Laurence's Gate centre after 19 years, but met Paul Lappin and a great team and came up with plans for a new centre.

Patsy Rice, then chairman, went to the council and Paul Bell put in a motion for a daycare centre.

They moved to the Donore Road in 2015.

'We have continued to fundraise and work hard over the years. We feel we have helped many families and urge them not to be afraid of this illness.

'We are are here to help, don't go through this alone,' she urged. 'We hope to realise our dream in the next year or two.'

Chairman Noel Heeney said they would continue to strive to make the centre a reality.

Drogheda Independent