Tuesday 20 February 2018

Pleas for help fall on deaf ears

THE DROGHEDA Independent highlighted the concerns of the worried parents at Donacarney NS in May of this year, but in the intervening months, they feel their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

One mother of two children said the right noises were made to silence them, and none of the promises made have been honoured.

'They have said they installed flashing lights, but they are too far away from the school to be any use, and the warden and crossing are much more necessary,' said parent Gillian Kerr.

'The situation has been getting worse by the year, so I think they have had plenty of time to find funding and get the safety measures in place.'

Danger to the children being dropped off and collected has been highlighted a number of times, but many parents the Drogheda Independent spoke to had suffered financial consequences too.

'The entire side of my car was scraped by a motorist here one day, and the car was only a few months old at the time,' one mum of two children explained.

'I had to chase the woman and eventually it turned out she wasn't insured and I had to foot the repair bill.

Another parent had lost her wing mirror twice due to lorries coming too close.

'If cars can be damaged so often, how long will it be before it's a child,' she asks. Doing this twice a day is stressful for the parents, so you can imagine what it's like for the new junior infant children.'

Drogheda Independent

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