Wednesday 26 June 2019

Plea for roadside lights to be installed at Piltown junction

Hubert Murphy

Major concerns have again been expressed about the turn onto the Piltown Road from the Dublin Road at Smithstown.

There have been ongoing calls for lights to be erected at the location as drivers find it hard to judge the junction in darkness.

But Meath CC say there's been no accidents reported there since 2003 .

Speaking at the area council meeting, Cllr Eimear Ferguson said there has been numerous close shaves and she said local people wanted action.

She said she had been raising the issue for years.

Engineer Christy Clarke said that definition poles had been erected and a re-alignment done.

But there were also concerns that if the junction is made even more accessible, that it will be used a lot more as a direct route to Bettystown, instead of using the road at Colpe.

'It could make things worse and create an even bigger problem,' he said. The council have concerns about the road and its ability to take large numbeers of vehicles.

'There are 2,000 members of the St Colmcille's, so it is busy already,' Cllr Ferguson argued.

Director of Finance Fiona Lawless said the call for roadside lights had been made but was unsuccessful.

It was stated that a traffic count may take place on the route to check how busy it is.

Cllr Stephen McKee said he had also received representations about the junction and felt it needed to be investigated.

Drogheda Independent