Friday 14 December 2018

'Parking policy is just not working' - Mayor Pio Smith

Louth County Council need to address town centre parking in Drogheda in order to improve access to the middle of the town and also to help business owners compete with out of town shopping centres, where there are no parking charges.

Mayor Pio Smith said " There are a number of problems that need to be solved. We need to decide if we want better air quality in the town centre and if so then traffic travelling from North to South across the town needs to be diverted across Fair Street on to Georges Street.

"Also, we need a parking policy that accommodates shoppers, workers, tourists and leisure users. So in regards to workers, we should consider special offer for all day parking for those arriving before 8am. For shoppers a special offer for 2 hours parking for those arriving after 10am and staying till 3pm and other innovative solutions to accommodate tourists and leisure users.

"Council parking policy should provide simplicity for drivers who could more easily identify a pricing tariff that was appropriate for them. It should also incentivise commuters to avoid driving during the peak period, reducing congestion on the roads. I am working with Drogheda Chamber of Commerce on drawing up proposals for a new parking structure in Drogheda. The current parking policy is just not working".

Drogheda Independent