Thursday 23 May 2019

Paramedic threatened with knife

The paramedic who was attacked on Monday but doesn't want to reveal her identity.
The paramedic who was attacked on Monday but doesn't want to reveal her identity.

Alison COMYN

A FEMALE paramedic had a knife held to her face in a terrifying incident in broad daylight at a north-side housing estate. The incident occurred this week at a house in a housing estate in north Drogheda when an ambulance was called to attend to a man suffering from injuries to his upper body.

One crew member, also a woman, was attending to the injured party in the ambulance, when her colleague was approached by a second man, who pulled a large knife from his sleeve and held it to her face.

'It was a very frightening situation, and yes, I did fear for my life,' said the shaken paramedic.

'As far as we knew, this was a fairly routine call, and it wasn't until we got there we thought something might be up, and we put a call into the gardai.'

Initially, one man in his had a towel wrapped round his arm in the house and two other men were present.

The crew brought the injured party to the ambulance to bandage him and that's when the other man is said to have made the threat.

'The man, who was older than the other, came out to the ambulance and seemed keen we leave the scene,' says the paramedic.

'The door was open and I stepped out - I knew the guards were on their way - and I just asked him to confirm the other man's address,

'That's when he came right up to my face, and pulled out the large kitchen knife from his sleeve.

'He didn't say a word, but just rubbed the blade across my face.

'I was terrified, and held up my hand thinking, well, if he's going to scar me, let it be there.'

The man is said to have then left the scene, leaving the shaken woman to react to the situation.

'I jumped back into the ambulance and locked the doors,' she says.

'I put another call into the guards and fair play to them, they were there in minutes and the men were in handcuffs straight away.

The still shocked paramedic was still recovering from the incident this week.

'This is unacceptable for crews to have to deal with this kind of thing in the middle of the day.

'We don't have stab vests or anything, and can't physically restrain people.'

Three public order arrests were made following the incident.