Thursday 18 July 2019

Order of Malta installs its first public defibrillator near Laurence's Gate

The Order of Malta Ambulance Corp Drogheda launched its first Public Access Defibrillator outside their building beside Laurence's Gate.

The defibrillator is a huge asset to the people of Drogheda and is accessible 24/7 for use by members of the public and first responders in the event of a cardiac arrest in the town.

The defibrillator is in a locked box outside the Order of Malta building and the code can be obtained from the Ambulance Service when an ambulance is called for. Councillor Joanna Byrne sponsored the new lifesaving equipment.

The Order of Malta are already planning the launch of a second defibrillator in the town. If any business or person is interested in supporting its launch, please contact them via email;

Drogheda Independent