Friday 23 August 2019

Opportunity for councillors to get elected in two different areas to remain

Senator Ged Nash has lashed Fine Gael Ministers Eoghan Murphy and John Paul Phelan for refusing to amend electoral law to introduce a 'one candidate, one electoral area' rule for local elections.

The Labour Senator said; "For most people, it is beyond comprehension that a candidate would want to win seats in two or more electoral areas knowing full well that the law states very clearly that you can occupy a seat in one area only. Yet the law as it stands permits this.

"The farcical events over the last few weeks on Louth and Meath County Councils have exposed the serious flaws in electoral law.

"It is incredible that with the knowledge of the debacle that unfolded in Louth and Meath after the local elections in recent weeks that the Minister for Local Government could come to the conclusion that 'he has no plans at present to amend the provisions'.

"Nobody can declare themselves happy with the current rules as they stand, and in that I would include candidates themselves but most importantly of all local voters.

"They need to be fixed and updated now if confidence is to be restored in local democracy and local government."

Drogheda Independent