Saturday 17 February 2018

Open letter to the OPW

Dear Sir,

The pathway (pictured) along the Boyne at Oldbridge House to the turn for the derelict Glenmore House which is part of the Oldbridge Estate is virtually impassable and totally neglected by the office of public works. The pathway is overgrown with nettles and briars and a mud bath in places. A little bit of elbow grease and a couple of strong lads with a nettle and briar hook, along with a heavy roller would leave the pathway 'spick and span in in no time'. The pathway was passable up to the month of early June, until the nettles took over.

To see the sun setting along this stretch of the 'storied river Boyne' is a sight to behold with the cows grazing in the fields beyond. I walk this pathway regularly, along with many others, including tourists and walking groups. I want the public to enjoy this most scenic route and if the briars and nettles were cut back, to give a full view of the Boyne, it would be very much appreciated by everyone. The Office of Public Works have done a wonderful job at Oldbridge House and this section seems to have been forgotten. The icing on the cake would be to monitor the pathway and keep the nettles and briars cleared along this awesome stretch of The Boyne.


Cllr. Tommy Byrne Member of Louth County Council

Drogheda Independent

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