Tuesday 12 December 2017

Open Dominic's Bridge to traffic

Alison COMYN

LOCAL Fine Gael councillor Richie Culhane has called for the opening of St Dominic's Bridge to vehicular traffic as a matter of urgency.

'The opening of St Dominic's bridge must now be a priority for the borough council,' he stated.

'It's quite obvious the volume of traffic now moving through the main thoroughfare is causing major problems, for shoppers and businesses in the town.

'This situation can be easily rectified by opening Dominic's Bridge, which is a natural artery onto the dual carriageway.'

According to the former garda, this will alleviate the serious congestion on West Street, Shop Street and Dyer Street.

'It is imperative that in this serious economic climate we encourage people into the town and by making the access and egress better we will encourage shoppers back to the centre of our historic town, thus saving jobs and returning the vibrancy to West St we once had,' he continues.

'At present, many people who would have shopped in Drogheda over the years, from satellite towns and villages, are reluctant to come into town, as it is quite difficult to exit from the town given the volume of traffic.

'By opening Dominic's Bridge, this traffic will be carried quickly away from the centre making Drogheda more shopper friendly .

He concluded that it is not a major engineering feat and can be done at a reasonable cost.

'I am calling on the council to investigate this project now, when the cost of carrying out the work will never be cheaper,' the Fine Gael councillor told the Drogheda Independent.

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