Wednesday 25 April 2018

Old Abbey to be covered up as repair works start in 2017

The Old Abbey is to be covered for the winter so works can start on it next year
The Old Abbey is to be covered for the winter so works can start on it next year

Hubert Murphy

The Old Abbey in the historic West End of Drogheda will receive a major facelift as part of the overall plan to rejuvenate the West End area of Drogheda.

According to Cllr Pio Smith work will begin on Drogheda's Old Abbey this week, with the erection of scaffolding. Conservation work will start the following Monday.

The whole tower will be covered over throughout the winter, to allow the traditional lime mortar to set slowly and solidly during the colder months. The majority of the cost of this work is being met by Louth County Council, with approximately 40% coming from the Heritage Council.

"I hope that these conservation works will allow Old Abbey Lane make a substantial contribution to the western end of the town centre, especially in light of the construction of the new court-house in that area. Also, the fact that there is a new owner of Donaghy's Mill and a outline plan in place for the West End means that a once neglected part of Drogheda is slowly coming back to life,' he stated.

"Louth County Council had also hoped to conserve the section of town wall adjacent to Laurence's Gate this year but our application for Ministerial Consent was turned down by the Department. We have learned the lessons and we will try again and better next year.

'Great credit must go to the heritage section of Louth County Council and Brendan Mc Sherry who put in a tremendous amount of work on this project".

Mayor Oliver Tully has also expressed his delight at the news of the project.

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