Sunday 20 October 2019

Now the Dale in hunt for best looking area

The Diary

Hubert Murphy

The judges have no doubt been out and about, checking on the fine estates for the best Drogheda locations.

I gave Trinity Gardens and the Pitcher Hill steps a mention before - don't worry, Harmony Heights in coming - but this week, what about the job that has been done in The Dale.

The steps, pictured left, are superb and all around the place, huge strides have been made to improve the area.

The people in the nearby Red Door Project have played their part in a wonderful community project and when the awards are being handed out, hopefully they'll get a well deserved mention.

But the thing with The Dale, none of the works undertaken have taken away from its majesty and old style look.

Some of the graffiti is still there and that's only right.

Every community can have two sides and that is certainly the case here.

Further up The Dale, there's a wonderland of nature and it's magical too.

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