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Now is a time to slow down and think

At a time when both parents and children are stressed - an expert in inspiring young people has urged to collaborate, communicate and be creative.

He says with so many teenagers at home now and possibly for some weeks, they should use the time wisely to boost their own skills outside of the school and college system.

Mark McCormack is the founder of Create the Great in You Ltd and is a regular visitor to schools around the region.

He specialises in empowering teenagers to be the best they can.

Indeed, he has launched what he hopes will be a series of resilience talks on Facebook Live.

'There's panic out there and maybe this will give us the chance to slow down,' he stated.

He says people must observe all the words that are being put out in relation to Covid-19, but at the same time use it as a platforn for the future.

'The ability to bounce back is what this is all about. We have to use the power of communication and keep those lines open.'

Mark feels the return to people living in their own space will allow them to take stock.

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