Monday 23 July 2018

No more Clogherhead pier diving

Hubert Murphy

The days of young people plunging off the pier in Clogherhead have come to an end - well, that's what local gardai and the council are insisting on.

New signs banning diving into the sea at the locatîon have been erected and Supt Andrew Watters has said it came about after anti-social behaviour at the pier during the summer.

'There is a danger in relation to young people diving off the pier and now there are visible signs saying it is prohibited. If they do it, they'll be prosecuted', he said.

Cllr Tom Cunningham, who is based in Clogherhead, said the signs are effective and gardai have been implementing the rules on them.

He says they don't want a tragedy at the pier.

'We have had young people diving in here and the signs just can't be missed, so people are aware of the rules now.

'Hopefully we can control this from now on,' he added.

He said he raised his concerns about the situation some time ago and within a few weeks the signs had beemn erected at the pier.

'It's a positive aspect of the work of the Joint Policing committee.'

Drogheda Independent