Tuesday 23 July 2019

No money has been allocated for a Lourdes name change

The RCSI group which manages Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital has confirmed that no funds have been allocated to the proposed name-change of the hospital in 2019.

Replies to Parliamentary Questions secured by Senator Ged Nash also confirms that no money has been spent at this stage by the Lourdes Hospital on the proposal, and that no final decision has been made on the proposed name change.

Senator Nash said; "Bizarrely, the replies also reveal that the Minister for Health has yet to be advised of the plans.

"This is an ill-advised project and should be halted now. It is not about religion or faith. The Roman Catholic Church or any confessional faith for that matter should have no role in the delivery of publicly funded healthcare in a republic.

'Fundamentally, I believe that the legacy of the founders of our hospital should be honoured and respected by retaining the name of the hospital.

"The fact that no money has been spent to date and there is no budget allocation for a name change process in 2019 tells me the proposal should be ditched."

Drogheda Independent