Sunday 21 July 2019

New town election boundary confusion

Next-door neighbours will be voting for different candidates in May's showdown

The likes of Brookville will be split up.
The likes of Brookville will be split up.

Hubert Murphy

There is growing confusion in relation to the upcoming local elections in May, with residents on the fringes of Drogheda unsure who they'll be voting for.

Prior to this year, Drogheda was one area, consisting of 10 seats. Now it has been split into Rural (four seats) and Urban (six seats) and large parts of Drogheda will be voting in the rural district.

Some of the hopefuls seeking election live in areas where they can't even cast a vote for themselves.

The main features are that part of Rosehall and Whitethorn on the northside will be rural, along with the likes of Castlemanor, part of Forest Grange, Matson Lodge, one third of Brookville, half of College Rise, Newtown Meadows, Harmony Heights, and Boyne Hall.

The 'boundary line' runs around the town, cutting through the likes of Brookville and right across the St Joseph's Secondary School playing pitches.

These areas will group with the likes of Clogherhead, Termonfeckin and Tullyallen.

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