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New road to port would be vital

THE Save Bremore Heritage campaign got under way with a very positive and informative meeting in the Huntsman's Inn Gormanston.

Representatives of a number of different local and regional groups met to discuss the planned deep water port and its possible impact on that area of archaeological richness. The general need for any new port might be seriously affected by the present reductions in economic activity and by the capacity of Drogheda Port and Treasury Holdings to raise finance for such a project.

Among other major concerns raised at the meeting is the fact that in the case of such a port emerging anywhere in Fingal or East Meath, an entirely new direct road from the M1 to the port would be essential. Otherwise the existing local N1 to M1 link would revert back towards its pre 2000 status, bringing again the congestion and vehicular accidents which saw the deaths of 17 people in less than 10 years in the 1990s on the approximately 2km stretch from the originally proposed entrance to Bremore Port, to the turn for Gormanston Railway Station.

The existing local N1 road system is already described as a 'nightmare' for pedestrians and cyclists. The Save Bremore Heritage Group demands that formal recognition and protection of this archaeologically rich area be more actively promoted considering the site's importance.

Last year the well known archaeologist Prof George Eogan, in a lecture to the local Balbriggan Historical Society, raised awareness as to the probable direct links between the Bremore sites and the world-famous Brú Na Boinne sites.

The Save Bremore Heritage campaign seeks to engage and cooperate with all interested local and national groups in an alliance towards protecting this area from the development of a deep water port.

Save Bremore Heritage group would like to invite interested parties to join with them in meetings, details of which will shortly be published locally. The Bremore project is before An Bord Pleanála where arguments relating to Strategic Infrastructure are being advanced.No outcome has yet emerged.