Wednesday 23 October 2019

New initiatives are suggested to help Crushrod Avenue

A safe route through Crushrod Avenue is likely to be secured at the next meeting of the municipal council, with a proposal for double yellow lines at the location.

'Parking throughout Drogheda is becoming a hot topic given the lack of free spaces in the town and the increase in car journeys into the town centre. Residents in many estates such as Scarlet Crescent, Windmill Road and Ashfield have found it almost impossible to park near their homes in recent times. Now the problem has reached Crushrod Avenue,' stated Cllr Pio Smith.

"The parking situation on Crushrod Avenue has reached dangerous levels. It's got to the stage during the day when at the western side of the road the carriage width is reduced to less than eight feet. This has resulted in ambulances and fire tenders finding it difficult to travel along the road at certain times and often having to take detours in order to reach households in Yellowbatter and beyond.

'Recently the local bus service had to take a detour into Pearse Park because the driver found his way blocked by cars parked on the road. Also, there has been a number of minor accidents and car crashes on the road and we are extremely lucky that nobody has been seriously injured.

'I have been working with engineers on a solution to this issue and a plan will be coming on front of council in April. The plan will involve the laying down of double yellow lines, loading bays and sectioned parking on the road. The hope is that a clear and safe way will be created for traffic to pass along the avenue and also make it safer for pedestrians crossing the road at the shops and the chemist.'

Drogheda Independent