Tuesday 16 July 2019

New bill will help local businesses in the fight against smuggling

Businesses small and large are being penalized by smuggling cartels. Wholesale smuggling is crippling legitimate businesses and employers, local TD Declan Breathnach states.

Speaking about a new bill he has backed, he added, 'the sale of illicit goods is harming local businesses that simply cannot compete with the prices on offer by smugglers. Small shops are the lifeblood of local communities in towns and villages and we need to do more to help protect them from the knock on-effect of smuggling.

'The Bill I have introduced aims to increase awareness of the consequences of buying illicit goods. The Bill will make it an offence for a person to buy illicit alcohol, tobacco or solid fuel.'

Mr Breathnach said that currently "there is no deterrent to purchasing smuggled goods as it is not a crime".

'Smuggling activity and purchasing goods from known illegal traders does nothing but endanger jobs while funding criminal gangs. If people were more conscious of the consequences of such activity, they would think twice. This Bill will act as a deterrent to making such illegal purchases which will help tackle smuggling in the long run.'

The 'Sale of Illicit Goods Bill 2017' was introduced to its second stage by Declan Breathnach on October 24 this year.

"This is a another great example of the legislative work by done our local TD and Fianna Fáil" said constituency PRO John Kierans.

Drogheda Independent