Sunday 19 November 2017

Netterville Manor and castle superb

IT'S been a while since I was in Netterville Manor. But after visiting the area last week, I'd love to get the chance to see inside the historic old building again.

The work that's been done on Netterville, out at Dowth, is not just good, it's world class. The manor dates to 1877 and is accepted as one of the best examples of a Victorian country manor house in Ireland. No question there.

It has been transformed in recent years and the brickwork and all round polished finish is a joy to behold.

But to its right is an even greater sight. I remember when Dowth Castle was pretty much a wreck but the work that's been done on it is top quality. A little bit of research tells me that it was granted to the Netterville family by the Lord Chief Justice in the 13th century and it remained in the family for some 600 years.

Now painstaking work has seen it restored and outside the walls are pillars, all with a matching 'N' etched into the capping.

I believe the manor is 7,000sq ft with marble fireplaces and wood paneling, never mind the smell of history in every room.

It was a former guest house with 10 bedrooms but was sold some years ago to Jim Flynn.

There's some examples of our past that have been destroyed and lost forever. But Netterville is really a throw back to the old times, preservation and restoration at its best. Congratulations and hopefully the Drogheda Independent will be allowed to tell the story of its restoration from start to finish. It is a story that deserves to be told.

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