Thursday 14 December 2017

Mother's shock at kids' beauty pageant exploits

Kori-Lee Logue from Clogherhead with Mickie Wood, mum of former ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ star Eden Woods.
Kori-Lee Logue from Clogherhead with Mickie Wood, mum of former ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ star Eden Woods.

Alison Comyn

THE MOTHER of a six-year-old from Clogherhead who took part in the controversial child beauty pageant over the weekend, said it was an 'experience she would never repeat'.

Aisling Logue was shocked to see children as young as her daughter Kori-Lee posing in bikinis and wearing dresses costing €1,500.

But her own little girl became Queen of her own age group without wearing any of the fake tan or swimsuits some of the foreign competitors donned.

'I was thrilled for her to have won her sash and crown without having to look like some of the more serious girls from Australia and America,' mum Aisling told the Drogheda Independent.

'We just entered as a beauty contest and never thought it would be half as glitzy as it was.

'Kori-Lee was very natural looking and did Irish dancing as her skill, but when I saw a girl in her group come out covered in a shawl, she dropped it, and began posing in a bikini with fake tan on. I was really shocked and surprised, I have to say'.

Aisling only found out in the early hours of Saturday morning where to bring Kori-Lee, as a Balbriggan hotel had cancelled the booking for the pageant for fear of demonstrations.

After travelling to Monaghan for the competition, Aisling said she was amazed at some of the things she saw.

'As I said, I know Kori-Lee enjoyed the whole experience, but she wasn't aware of what was going on, she just wanted to wear the tiara and meet some of the other girls,' added Aisling.

'I really do think it makes the girls old before their time, and children should just be children.

'I would never want her to look like the other contestants, walking or posing like they were.'

Drogheda Independent

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