Monday 23 April 2018

'Mindblowing' night of music at the Barbican

Sylvia and Olive Devlin.
Sylvia and Olive Devlin.

Hubert Murphy

THE BARBICAN has seen some big nights since it opened. But it got two in a row of the most professional shows you'll ever see last weekend with the 'Reach Out' Gospel show, courtesy of Gerry Simpson and the Augustinian Gospel Choir.

Mindblowing is probably the best way to sum up two and half hours of entertainment, delivered with the class of true marvels in their genre.

It couldn't have began any better with Gerry Mulroy taking to the stage and his delivery as ever was majestic. Gerry is probably an unsung performer in many respects - as good as anything Christy Moore can produce. His performance of the 'The Voyage' in that unqiue, rich voice was effortlessly world class.

Pat Goldrick is one of the best classical guitar players on the circuit, soon to hit the stage in St Petersburg. The ability of the man with the dancing fingers knows no bounds.

The main course was provided by the gospel choir and their array of songs ranged from originals, from the pen of Gerry Simpson, to timeless classics, but delivered with a punch that would have Tyson Fury on his knees!

They ran through the likes of 'Lean on Me' and 'Arms of an Angel' before Patrick Byrne stepped forward and he simply lit up the stage. 'Love Can Build a Bridge' probably never sounded so good before.

'What a Wonderful World' by Amanda was another highlight, and as for Geraldine Simpson and 'First time ever I saw your face' - it was another of those 'Geraldine' moments, stunningly magical.

Gerry wrote 'God is Watching Over Me' and it could be a real hit, with Eoin and Patrick also faultless, leading out 'Flying Without Wings'.

Melissa, Elane and Donna made it a 'Happy Day' by the nights conclusion.

Band members Steffie Caffrey, Dermot Roche and the acclaimed Alan Barton on drums added to the occasion immensely.

Another triumph for the Augustinian Choir.

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