Wednesday 26 June 2019

Michael selected to run for Europe at the 2019 elections

Drogheda man Michael O'Dowd has been selected to contest this year's European elections.

Renua Ireland has selected him to be their candidate in the North-West Midlands constituency. The theme of his European campaign is Family, Community & Country.

''It is important that voters have real choices on the major issues at next year's elections. The European bureaucracy is determined to turn Europe into a Super-Power. While doing so it is trampling on everything that is truly powerful about Europe - families, communities and the Nation State,' he stated. 'When European bureaucrats dream of creating a European Army, Irish parents dream of growing old with their children and grandchildren around them. When European bureaucrats work to strike new trade deals which will see cheap south-American beef imported into Europe, Irish farming families work simply to survive. When EU bureaucrats prioritise the banks, it is families and communities in Ireland who bear the burden. We deserve a reformed EU - an EU which puts citizens first.'

He says the coming election will also see a cultural battle with an 'intolerant liberal elite trying to stymie debate and discussion on a range of social issues.'

The former local councillor wants to give Drogheda a specific voice in Drogheda to boost city status.

'On a personal level I also want to throw a light on the treatment of people with disabilities. The HSE has let those of us concerned about this issue down badly. Their negligence needs to be highlighted and exposed''

Michael has been a highly active campaigner for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities for many years and is a board member of Ablevision Ireland, a media production and training company for people with intellectual disabilities.

Drogheda Independent