Thursday 14 December 2017

MEP vows to help promote Boyne Trail


LOCAL MEP Mairead McGuinness has vowed to help the Drogheda City Group promote the new Boyne Trail.

A delegation from the Drogheda City Status organisation met with the Ardee-based politician and said they were ' very heartened ' by the meeting in relation to the trail, stretching from Mornington to Newgrange. The MEP said she was very enthusiastic about the proposal and indicated that she will be making enquiries to ascertain what fundings, etc, may be obtained to help this project along through European channels.

The MEP also agreed that the Boyne Trail would be a great tourist attraction as well as an amenity to a local people.

The meeting also co-incided with a discussion on the promotion of city status with Minister Phil Hogan at Leinster House where they informed him of the resolution of the Drogheda Borough Council on city status for Drogheda. The City Group deputation enlightened Minister Hogan to a number of points, including the enormous tourist advantage of Drogheda City itself and as the Gateway to the Boyne Valley, the access that Drogheda has by road, rail, sea and air, that Drogheda has the largest population and has grown at a faster pace than any other corporate town, as well as the the proposed Boyne Trail.

They also deplored the treatment received by Drogheda in the National Spatial Strategy and pointed out the disadvantages caused to Drogheda by the involvement of three separate local authorities in its affairs.

Dr Brian Hughes gave an extensive up to date report based on the latest census figures. The Minister appeared sympathic to the submissions made.

A presentation was also made to the Drogheda Borough Council at one of their recent meetings and they fully supported the proposed plans for the Boyne Trail as do local TDs, Minister Fergus O'Dowd and Gerard Nash.

'Work is continuing in an effort to bring this project to fruition as soon as possible,' a spokesperson added.

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