Thursday 27 June 2019

Mayor's Dominican tribute to Mother Mary

The Notebook

Mother Mary Martin was amongst those remembered by Mayor Frank Godfrey as he threw a wreath into the Boyne River after a special First World War remembrance Mass in The Dominican Church recently.

'Mother Mary Martin was an amazing woman who pioneered medical careers for women and blazed a trail for nurses during her life,' said Mayor Godfrey. 'In particular, I want to remember her time in the First World War when she cared for injured soldiers, casualties, young men suffering from gas poisoning and gangrene and other injuries, as this is the centenary of the War ending.'

'She was a brave young woman whose lost family in that war, and still battled strongly to nurse young soldiers back to life or comfort them at their end. I don't believe that we in Drogheda know enough about Mother Mary's war efforts and all that she went through in the 18 months she spent abroad, in Malta and in France. In fact, she was present at the Battle of the Somme which lasted for 147 days!'

Drogheda Independent